Adam often thinks he was born in the wrong time. A century earlier, and he would have been a cowboy leading a head of cattle through the wild frontier. A century later, and he would be off fighting the Garognarks of Flepton VII during the War of Human Aggression. Fortunately for our time, he decided to become a writer, and he has been fashioning comfortable sentences ever since.

Adam was born in Fort Worth, Texas, around the same year "Rambo: First Blood II" was released. Use that information however you need, but we can assume that Adam has been responsible for all great works of film or literature ever since.

After taking a gap year to study abroad and work on curing his crippling paleness, Adam enrolled in Boston University to study medicine. He found that to be super hard, so he switched over to Communication, because that sounded more his speed. He quickly found a love for the written word and worked hard to crank out the prettiest stories you ever did see. At the same time, Adam caught a different kind of bug and joined the military, because that's how all great stories begin.

As an officer in the Army, Adam has served in such exotic locations as Washington, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Georgia. He has been an infantry grunt, a tank commander, and the Captain of an entire company of Soldiers. Given the fact that you haven't heard of his military exploits, it's safe to say he never screwed up too badly. Adam ended his service in 2017.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Adam was struck by two things at once: Wonder, and an organic soy free-range open source Frisbee. Since changing his driver's license, Adam has become the Video Game Section Editor for CC2KOnline, written four novels, won awards for five short films, and briefly starred in a series of videos for His proudest moment is still when, while receiving an autograph, Adam was able to make Nathan Fillion chuckle. 


Adam lives in Los Angeles with his wonderful wife and his crippling self-doubt. 

Adam and his dear friend, the insanely talented Sherry Berg.

Adam and his dear friend, the insanely talented Sherry Berg.