There is a saying in the Badlands: There are many ways to get to the Brassworks, but all leave the same way: A box.

The Old World is gone, smashed beneath the heel of the great mountain, King Abaddon, many generations ago. A new civilization has risen from the ashes, struggling to survive in the new and harsh landscape. At the edge of a poor governance, in a dying town, a young blacksmith just ran afoul of the law. In some cities, that would mean a trip to local jail or court. In the Badlands, that means the Brassworks. 

Theo Palmer can't recall why he ended up in the hellish prison, but he knows he'll never leave. The Warden needs workers for the Forge deep underground. The drums of war are beating to the north, and only a twisted weapon from the past can save the people of the County. 

But there are many powers in the Vale of the King. Some seek to preserve the peace, while others aim to end it. Some hunger for justice, while others hunger for flesh. Theo has fallen into a violent world of monsters and metal, and his very survival depends on which side he chooses.


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Brassworks will be available 2017!