As some of you (hopefully) know, I'm currently working on Book 3 of a 6-Part Series called The Gray Wars Saga. This means that I am constantly haggling over story details, character arcs, and series' continuity with a team of talented writers and editors. All of this falls under the auspices of my publisher, California Coldblood Books (and more literally with Robert J. Peterson). 

Where can you find books 1 and 2, I hear you crying out at your computers? 

- When the Stars Fade - Book 1

- When the Skies Fall - Book 2

Anyway, writing a series in a committee can be difficult for new writers. It certainly was for me. And while I would love to spend hours answering all of your questions, someone else already did such a good job detailing that concern that I simply don't have to. 

Delilah S. Dawson should be a household name. She's an incredible writer, a NYT Bestselling author, and took a relatively unused character and cranked literally everything up to 11. 

Her novel Phasma, based on the shiny and chrome Star Wars character, is an incredible exploration of the universe, the motivations, and the actions of the bestselling toy of 2018 (wait and see). It's also, simply put, a strong novel with great characters and intense action. 

So, without further ado, Delilah:

Writing With Others