Check back for more short stories by Adam Korenman!

A.T.L.A.S. [NEW] - A young scavenger's newest discovery--an ancient mobile tank--could be her only hope of survival.

The Stolen Crown - For the NYC Midnight competition. The prompt was Romance / Something Identical / Pirate Character

The King's Man - The King's Army marches to war, but the real danger is closer to home.

Alexander Hamilkong - He's a million tons of monkey fun, but just you wait.

The Hunting Party (Under Construction) - A retelling of a classic story by Algernon Blackwood.

The White Wolf - A young man of the Washoe people undergoes a dangerous quest to prove his worth.

My Last Love Song - For one man, the battle of Pork Chop Hill was the worst day of his life. For many others, it was the last.

The Last Step Home - They just want to leave the battlefield, but the war isn't ready to let them go.

X-COM Chronicles - Based on the hit game from Firaxis, this is the story of the war to save Earth.

Alexander Hamilkong - A Parody of the song "Alexander Hamilton" from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.