It’s the year 2236, and humanity can’t catch a break.
While we’re licking our wounds from a bloody civil war, two alien armadas stumble into the Solar System fighting one of their own. At odds are the fearsome Boxti Horde and their ancient enemies, the Nangolani.
Naturally, we can’t resist picking sides and joining the fight, but after several crushing defeats, we’re forced to open Pandora’s Box to win the war: A top-secret special forces program.
Meanwhile, a hotshot starfighter has his mettle tested when the war separates him from his best friend and favorite wingman.

Tech-savvy and full of action, humor, and intrigue, When The Stars Fade is the first in a six-book series, The Gray Wars.

When The Stars Fade (The Gray Wars)
By Adam L. Korenman



The Boxti destroyed one planet and invaded another. They bled humanity to the breaking point. Then they disappeared. In the sudden reprieve, startling rumors chip away at the tenuous alliance between humanity and the alien refugees, the Nangolani. 

Kaileen Nuvarian, hotheaded bomber-pilot, awaits a court-martial for her insubordination during the alien attack. If she loses her case, she could face a firing squad. Her new friend, ace fighter Cameron Davis, is busy fighting. 

Meanwhile, on a top-secret planet, seven soldiers enter a mysterious training facility that promises a “future for humanity.” Josh Rantz, the recently promoted lieutenant, wonders what he will sacrifice to achieve such a lofty goal. Rebel leader Jonah Blightman activates his plan to bring down the Terran government, starting with the controversial leader of the free worlds, Alexander Burton. But behind the scenes, a shadowy cabal of powerful men and women control the true power of the four colonies. 

While the exhausted leaders of humanity and the Nangolani struggle to prepare for the coming war, the Boxti awaken an ancient and terrible beast: A weapon from another era, with the power to destroy the humans once and for all.


Join the battle in this epic follow-up to the 2015 hit "When the Stars Fade."

Coming December 19, 2017



WHEN THE GROUND BREAKS (Not Official Artwork)

Following the harrowing events of When the Skies Fall, WTGB follow a humanity on the run. Heroes will fall. Spaceships will burn. And the ground will break. 

Coming 2020