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An American Parody

I've been obsessed with the musical Hamilton since I first heard the soundtrack some years ago. It's a perfect musical, with so many tricks and treats that each round through produces a new experience. It is the end result of geniuses collaborating with geniuses. 

Hamilkong, on the other hand, is an exercise in pure mania. 

Using a loose interpretation of Peter Jackson's 2005 film, combined with the musical arrangements of Hamilton, we end up with the story of a conman leading a group of self-centered scavengers to an island of monsters. 

“Actors were committed and amazing, funny moments. Love the clever mash up of two iconic themes resulting in a fun and satisfying show. Recommended for both Hamilton and Kong fans.”

“This was a fantastic show! From concept to execution, this was an ambitious undertaking for a debut Fringer. I think both Kong and Hamilton fans would be impressed, amused and entertained.”

“The scale of this production is high caliber. From the costumes to the set to the technical elements (sound, lighting), the show really has something special to it.”

“The performances were great, and they have some very talented actors.”

“Outstanding!! Go see this one!”