Yeah, this is how this week is gonna go. Today and Thursday, you'll be privy to the same shameless self-promotion as last week. 

Here's the deal. As an emerging author, my livelihood is directly related to sales of debut novels. My first novel, praise be to the sun, sold well enough to grab the interest of fancy publisher CCB. Now comes the real challenge. With the sophomore entry only days away, the pressure is on to recapture lightning in a bottle. 

That's where you come in. You've already come halfway but visiting this page and reading this blog. Heck, you should give yourself a round of applause just for getting out of bed while the world is so painfully on fire (in my town, quite literally). Now I just need you to come a few more yards for the touchdown. 

Buy my book

Yeah, self-promotion can feel disingenuous or even tacky, but it is literally my way of living. If people don't buy my book, I won't be able to afford the sweet, sweet ramen* that sustains me. The asking price is $15.95. That's less than a nickel a day, and you'll own a piece of military-sci-fi history. 

You'll be among the first to discover what future HBO executives will call "too expensive to film," and what literary historians will dub "a collection of words, both real and made-up."

Most of all, you'll be supporting a local author, helping launch a career, and ensuring that future humans won't be surprised when aliens show up on our front door to get froggy. That's right. I'm saying that buying my book may be the key ingredient in saving the human race. 

Oh, and if you're in San Diego on the 16th, you should go to Mysterious Galaxy. I'll sign your book, or whatever else you need signed**. 

Thank you all. Now, in the words of President Teddy Roosevelt: "Buy this book!"


* I'm actually on a strict no-carb thing right now, so my ramen has been replaced with sadness. 

** No, I won't sign that!