Hey, ya’ll.

You could say it’s been a minute since I posted here. Like, for reals.

You’d be correct.

However, this is not due to any lack of ideas or drive. It is just a matter of time. Currently, I am knee-deep in two first-drafts, three edits, and starting up a new freelance gig. It means I am absolutely swamped at the moment. So I have to do something drastic.

I’m taking a vacation.

Not from my work, because I need the money. I’m taking a break from the blog. Just a short one, through the holidays. I’ll be back come 2019, and I’ll be bringing that sweet writing advice that some of you came for.

Until then, I leave you with this holiday message:

Friends, we're all tumbling through a cold and dispassionate universe on a water-logged pebble made of luck and happenstance. Look out for each other, and have some compassion.