It's enough. Demand action. We didn't elect leaders of faith, we elected lawmakers. Thoughts and prayers do not cut it. 

Here's some fun math for you. There are 131,890 schools in America per the Department of Education. We've had 18 school shootings since January 1st, 2018 (roughly one every 60 hours). That means, if this horrific trend continues, we'll have 146 school shootings this year. 

To clarify, that's 146 shootings at schools. We'll have far more mass casualty events. 

That means, with a little basic statistics, that our children have a 1:900 chance of being involved in a shooting this year alone. 

Kids go to school for about 12 years. 

Given any length of time, statistical probability becomes statistical certainty. 

So ask yourself: Are you satisfied with thoughts and prayers? Are you content with our lawmakers watching children die and doing nothing? I'm not. I'm fucking done. 


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