After over a year of procrastination, the day has finally arrived. After a bit of a lo mein binge, followed by the worst sleep I've had in months, I was struck with a vision. It wasn't enough to dip my toe into the fantasy of a King Kong musical. I needed to live in it. 

So, with the prodding of the phenomenal Sherry Berg, I have entered into the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a workshop of a brand new play. It's an exploration of the soul, an adventure filled with conmen, soldiers, and dinosaurs. It's a study of true love, and the majesty of living with a monarch. 

I'm talking of course of Hamilkong: An American Parody.

I'll have more details for you as time goes on, but know that am 100% serious about this. While it will be a parody play (I'm not writing new music, and I won't charge a cent for this), I am putting in the real legwork to make this production shine. 

Once casting is done, I'll even put out the recordings of the new songs so you can all enjoy. 

For now, I leave with you the same advice I always do: Always be Write!