Guys, you need to start writing. 


Right now.


Seriously, the fact that you are sitting at home, reading the blog post of another writer (which, BTW, thank you so much) instead of writing...I just have no words. 

(But on the reals, thank you for following this blog. Share with your friends)

You want to be a writer? You need to write. 

You need to write words down. 

You could be writing your own words RIGHT NOW instead of reading someone else's. 

Do you need to read in order to be a better writer? YOU BET YOUR ASS! But, do you also need to write your own words in order to be a writer?


So, today, right now, get out your writing utensil of choice and WRITE SOMETHING. 

And if you need some motivation, check out any of these competitions. 

And sign up!


Enter a writing contest, put your money where your mouth is, and write. 

You will lose. 

100%, you will lose the first time out. 

There is no shame in failing the first time you try something. In fact, failure is just part of the process. Failure is good. Failure is life. GO FAIL MORE!

So quickly, before the endorphins fade, SIGN UP AND WRITE.

And then come back here for more pearls of wisdom. Love you all!