Oh snap, it's here. Pitch Night. 

For those of you just tuning in (and wondering why in the hell I missed our Thursday appointment), allow me to bring you up to speed.

Last year, I was accepted into the Writer's Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project (phew, that's a mouthful). For the past 12 months, I've had the chance to listen to some fantastic speakers, work with incredible mentors, and write like a demon. 

Now, on Tuesday, it all comes to a head with Pitch Night. 

As we've discussed before, pitching your ideas is one of the strangest and most difficult challenges as a writer. For me, it comes down to parsing the information into digestible chunks. I can see the full picture in my head. I know what happens in episode 3 and episode 103. I know how my characters begin and end. 

But the audience does not. And when you go into a room and speed-talk through a pitch, expecting the listener to have done some research, you're not going to be pleased with the results.

The past month has been all about building, shaping, and polishing my presentation for tomorrow. With luck, I'll impress a few people with this ridiculous fictional world I've invented. 

If not, no biggie. Remember that rejection is a part of the process. In fact, rejection is the warm blanket we use to stave off the cold winter of writer's block (which itself is just a hoax).

On Thursday, I'll share my notes and my presentation so you can see how it all shaped up. For now, wish me luck, and let's knock out a great week together!