Hey, everyone! It’s 2019. And we’re going to make some fucking ART!

Get excited. Get energetic. Get some Red Bull and pour that shit into the sink because you love your body more than that (but also, take a little sip, because curiosity it what drives us and it’s a shame to ignore experiences when they aren’t TOO self-destructive).

Sit in front of your computer, or your sketchpad, or your music sheet, or you YouTube-friendly camera setup, complete with pallet of indescribably cosmetics. We. Are. Making. Art!

I ended 2018 with a new feature, a spec outline, and an idea for a short story. I also made a commitment to myself to write hard, every day, with the goal of cranking out new content at a much improved rate.

We’re not talking a Stephen King-level output, but somewhat better than G.R.R.M.

So far so good for 2019.

Now, I’m not saying you have to Art every single day. In fact, let’s take that shit off the table. No one, with rare exception, can keep up that level of creative flow without experiencing a burnout. It’s not worth it. You don’t produce good art when you’re sucking at life. There’s no shame in taking time off for yourself.

There’s also the very real truth that not all art takes place in an active stance. You are making art when you’re THINKING about your art, or when you’re PLANNING for your art, or when you’re EATING CAKE instead of making art.

Party people, you’ve got this. I know you do. Each one of you is a rock star of unbridled proportions. You are the conductors of a righteous symphony of art, and the orchestra eagerly awaits your first direction.

2019 is here, and it’s waiting for you. It’s ready for you. Get your head in the game, get your butt in gear, and start making art.

For me, I’m starting with a short story called ATLAS, which is based around the key art above.

Always be Write!