It's a tired saying, but every journey begins with a single step. I prefer to take it a different direction and say that every universe begins with a big bang. 

This is going to be an unusual blog, and I'm known for taking things in interesting directions. I have a compulsion toward the absurd, and every intention of bringing you all along with me. This is not so much a series of essays on any particular topic. This is an exploration of my increasingly twisting psyche. And, perhaps, we'll come up with some delightful recipes for crepes as well. 

As most of you may have figured from my clever title, I'm a writer. And I'm working on publishing my first manuscript. And, with your support and encouragement, I will. And then another. And another. Ad infinitum. 

So come along, bring a snack, and let's get a little crazy. 

Minus the "little" part. 

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