Hello, and welcome to the new and improved blog. 

You may notice a few things are different (not the drapes. Those haven't been changed in ages.) Most importantly, I've gone and done away with the old title. "Unturned Phrases" was just a young Adam trying too hard to be clever. 

Now we're "Fighter to Writer."

The point of this blog is simple: I want to share with you what it's like to be a writer. Not just my process, but my hurdles: The rough roads that all creative types travel. I want to let you behind the curtains to see just how I craft characters, scenes, and the pithy dialogue that you've all come to know and like-but-not-like-like. 

I also want to be an open book. If you have any questions about writing, publishing, or anything under the sun, drop me a line! I am always here to help.

So check in, Mondays and Thursday, and see what I've got cooking up.