Hey everyone! I apologize, this post won't be a large expansion from the previous entry. Since the AMA, I've been slammed with two different scripts that seem to be eluding me. With their deadlines approaching, I fell a little behind on my other tasks. Namely, this blog. 

So, to tide you over until the next sweet missive from yours truly (wow. I am so sorry I ever wrote that. Unfortunately, I am allergic to the Backspace Key), here is the entirety of my day-long AMA on Reddit. There were some true stumpers, and I hope that something in there that can help you along your journey. 

And if your question isn't answered, then ask me! I'm always here for any thoughts you want to toss around. That's why I have this blog. If I can take any lessons from my modicum of success and transmit it along to you, then it'll all be worth it. 

So, until next week, enjoy the AMA!