If you remember from Monday (that was SO LONG AGO), you'll recall that I am entering Hell Week/Month. A marathon writing session that will carry through until the end of May. I hope at least one of you joined me in this endeavor, because misery loves company. In any case, let's see how well I'm doing so far. 

To recap, I need to end this month with two one-hour television scripts. One needs to be based on an existing franchise, and the other must be wholly original. As is my wheelhouse, I have settled on something a little spooky and supernatural, with a Whedon-esque twist. 

Since Monday, I have completed my outline for one script and completed through ACT TWO of my original. I am, mostly, happy with the direction things are headed, and now I'm ready to start dividing my time in laying down dialogue. 

Now comes the tricky part. 

Do I start laying down the script now, while I'm still in the midst of outlining the original pilot, or do I wait until I can do both scripts at the same time? There are pros and cons to either side. Trying to start one script while finishing the outline forces me to split brain power between prep work and actual teleplay writing. That can cause a very specific type of headache, one only scotch can cure.

Waiting until I've finished both outlines puts my schedule off by about a week, which can be troublesome as well. I need to ensure plenty of time for rewrites, edits, and polish. I'm not turning in first drafts here. 

For my own sanity, I'm planning to finish the outlines, do a quick scrub, and then start writing the scripts. I'll finish the spec first, since I know the characters' voices well enough to lay them out quickly. The original will require more time and care, since I'm creating an entire universe.

How have you all fared so far? Let me know in the comments below. If nothing else, open up that word doc/final draft script and WRITE.